Women Inspiring

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By Yesy Ashriati A

In At-Tahrim verse 111, Allah reminds us to learn from the stories of previous people. Much history is carved and much wisdom can be taken. One of them is about the role of women in Islamic history.

Since the beginning of time until now, women have always played an important role in it. Rows of noble names such as Khadijah, Aisyah, Ḥafṣah, Asma, and others, incised gold from the gold of Islamic civilization. They set a great example of devotion to religion, which continues to this day on every side of worship, both in terms of worship, sacrifice, scientific treasures, and creating a “heavenly generation” through the formation of their gentle hands.

History records, how Khadijah r.a became a perfect description of a pious wife, she was the first woman to embrace Islam and sacrifice all her wealth and life for the Prophet saw. Becomes a reinforce when the first revelation comes down, and who is always faithful to accompany both in good times and difficult times. Including, when facing a period of an extreme boycott.

Muslim women are also ready to be at the forefront in the compilation of sacrifices in the echo. Apart from the physical, material and thought aspects in various discussions, describing Muslim women is very much needed to study. They begged Rasulullah to see. Can make time for them. Aisyah r.a. is a reflection of Muslim women are intelligent and knowledgeable individuals. One of Aisyah’s habits was her great curiosity. This habit makes her the only woman who is the most widely traded narrator.

Apart from the Arabian peninsula, the country of the prophets is no less tough women who will be educated from the country by collecting the island with the largest Muslim population, namely Indonesia. One of them is R.A Kartini, her name is no longer earned by the people of Indonesia. R.A Kartini was a pioneer who represented the women of his time, starting from his penchant for reading newspapers and magazines and books given by his questioners in the Netherlands. He began to open about discussing the feminism that was developing in Europe at that time. He talked about the problem of Indonesian women who discussed rights, freedoms, autonomy, and equality before the law.

Aside from Kartini, there is a figure who attracts attention and inspires women today, she is Nadwa Shihab, a smart and critical woman, acknowledging that Najwa’s professionalism does not only come from within the country, but also from abroad. Mata Najwa became one of Metro TV’s flagship programs that won Najwa’s criticism and intelligence when talking with prominent figures.

In addition to R.A Kartini and Najwa Shihab, there are still many more female figures who are tough and care about their education. Women are ummahatul and also ummahatul u’la. And, easily becomes easy. A woman must have the following characters:

– has a deep faith.

– have an understanding.

– has a hardiness mentality.

– have adequate intellect.

– has strong physical endurance.

So, with all these things a woman will be able to become a figure who can carve achievements in history. Like the ummahatul mu’minin and other Muslim women inspiration.

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